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Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25
Minimum Call Out Charge £55
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    carpet cleaning servicesStart living a healthy and a stress-free life and leave the painstaking task of deep cleaning your carpets to the experts! It will save you time and efforts that you can dedicate to more important things! Our company is the leading provider of cleaning services, preferred by numerous customers for our absolute commitment to perfection!

    We offer exceptional carpet cleaning services in Battersea, as well as attractive rates and dependable, friendly cleaners who will perfectly do their job in no time!

    With years of experience behind us and thousand of successful cleaning sessions, we are well-known among our customers for the fact that we leave no job unfinished. You can always rely on us that we will keep our promise – we arrive on time, we work fast and diligently, and the results are the best possible. We don’t always guarantee complete removal of old stains, but yes, we do clean efficiently most of them. Among our competitors, we are known for our professionalism and intolerance towards inexperience and dishonesty. As the most popular carpet cleaning services provider in Battersea, we can offer competitive rates regardless of other contractors’ offers and pricing strategies.

    As our relationship with the customers is built on trust, we are trying to offer high standards that people would always want to return to. Our cleaning techs go through a careful background check and extensive training, so they can be competent in every matter and be able to solve any problem they encounter. They are polite, discreet and hard-working and they will never disturb you while completing their task. They will bring all the cleaning agents and equipment needed, including environmentally-friendly and chemical-free products, that are safe for the planet and our health. The modern hoover cleaners they use are extremely efficient in deep carpet cleaning, while specialised products will pre-treat all stains and heavily soiled areas.

    There is one more reason why people in Battersea prefer our company over other carpet cleaning service providers – the arrangement and booking of cleaning sessions is much more convenient. We work from Monday through Sunday and have extended working hours, so we can fit into any schedule. No stress and no additional fees! Working with us is easy, so contact us as soon as you can!

    “I found your offer for professional carpet cleaning on the Internet, decided to go for it and I must say I’m not disappointed at all! Actually I was quite surprised by the high quality of the work and the reasonable prices. Your cleaners used eco-friendly cleaning materials, for which I am really grateful, and they were extremely knowledgeable and competent. Highly recommend! – John”

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