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Landing Carpet from £4
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Livingroom Carpet from £25
Minimum Call Out Charge £55
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    carpet cleaning servicesIf you are amidst an ongoing home renovation project, buying brand new carpets might be among your short-term goals for giving your house a refreshed look. This, however, may be a much more serious investment than you can imagine.

    Another alternative, an easier and much more cost-effective one, is having your rugs and different floor coverings professionally cleaned. One of the most popular products by our company, based in East Sheen, is our exceptional carpet cleaning service. It is a convenient and affordable option, which will deeply clean all your carpets and will restore the softness of the fabrics and the brightness of the colours.

    As a leading provider of professional cleaning services in East Sheen and the neighbouring boroughs, we have learnt over years of experience that the personal attention is as valuable to the customer as the quality of the service provided. And while many of our competitors are trying to achieve a good quality of the product, it is only our company that has created a long-lasting relationship with the homeowners.

    We know that trust, safety and convenience matter the most to our customers in East Sheen. This is why our carefully vetted cleaners are insured and bonded, they are thoughtful and honest people who do their job with the utmost care and responsibility for the end results. We are also aware that professional carpet cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining a clean and tidy home. For this reason, our service isn’t as expensive as other alternatives on the market. Affordability has always been and continues to be one of the contributing factors for our popularity.

    We have also customised our carpet cleaning service so that it remains a convenience for our customers, not a nuisance that just needs to be done. Our cleaners will visit you at your preferred time, even if this means the weekend. They will focus on their work, pre-treating any stains or heavily soiled areas, giving a proper hoovering of the carpets, and finally deep cleaning them with a professional steam machine. They will not disturb you and your busy schedule, they will not ask you to provide any detergents, as they will bring all the cleaning supplies needed. They will leave your home as soon as the job is successfully finished, all carpets are perfectly sanitised and deodorised.

    Our carpet cleaning service is also among the very few, offering the use of chemical-free, green cleaning materials. This is how we help protect the environment and our customers’ health and well-being.

    “I like my carpets really clean, so I usually hire professional cleaners to take care of them. Last time, you did a great job – the dust was gone, the colours became brighter, and the fabric itself became smoother somehow. It was totally worth the money! I will surely hire your company again. – Emilia”

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