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    carpet cleaning servicesCarpet cleaning isn’t a task that could be easily done by yourself, at least not properly, and no matter how often you vacuum clean the rugs and carpets, dust will always remain. If you don’t want to spend all your free time trying to achieve something that is unachievable, you can rely on us to do it professionally for you. Our company is among the leading providers of carpet cleaning services in Morden, so contact us and we’ll make sure your carpets are properly taken care of!

    Sometimes buying a new carpet seems like the only solution, especially if it’s heavily soiled by food, beverages, mud or as a home renovation aftermath. Considering the prices of carpets, replacing even one could cost you a little fortune, so when faced with a problem such as a wine stain, you should immediately call for expert help. We’d like to take such impossible jobs as a challenge – and we love challenges, and to do our best to complete them successfully.

    And we have. We have a proven track record of success, something that can be easily seen by our ever-growing list of loyal customers. We guarantee the best possible results, whether is stain removal, deep carpet cleaning, or refreshing of old, dull-looking rugs. Our cleaning technicians are experienced, disciplined and extensively trained to face all kinds of challenges. They are competent to work with our sophisticated gear, choosing the right cleaning method and detergent for each type of carpet and fabric.

    Our carpet cleaning service includes remarkably powerful hoovering, separate treating of stains and high-traffic areas, as well as steam cleaning, which leads to excellent results and is recommended by most carpet manufacturers. It can improve the look of the carpets and extend their life if it is performed once or twice a year.

    Providing our professional cleaning services across Morden, we can promise competitive rates and no hidden fees. If you live in Morden or in the neighbouring areas, contact us and our representatives will be happy to assist you, informing you of all the detailed offers that we have. You will also receive an individual quote, based on any personal requirements that you might have.

    “I was concerned about the moisture on my carpet, after being cleaned professionally, but your cleaners managed to extract the water from the fabric almost entirely. And the results were fantastic, the carpet was incredibly clean, and with fresh and more vivid colours than before. Overall, the carpet cleaning service is absolutely worth it, it’s easier than doing it yourself, and it’s cheaper than I expected. – Sean”

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