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Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25
Minimum Call Out Charge £55
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    carpet cleaning servicesIf you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service, you probably want guaranteed results, safety and reasonable prices. And this is exactly what we offer – we are a leading cleaning services provider in Mortlake, assisting hundreds of home and business owners with keeping clean and orderly environment with ease.

    Our expert cleaners never leave a job unfinished, they keep your piece of mind with full insurance, and they always deliver what they promise. And here is another reason for our many loyal customers – we offer attractive prices, that are based on the actual service without any additional fees or hidden taxes.

    Specialising in this trade for years, our company has grown into being one of the most preferred providers of professional cleaning services in Mortlake. Our flawless reputation, built over years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, does not allow us to settle for anything less than perfection. Our excellent carpet cleaning service is designed to fit any budget or schedule. The rates are reasonable and discussed in advance over the phone with our customers, while all other details can be easily specified while booking through our online form. All customers in Mortlake know that we are providing the best results, using the most efficient methods and the latest cleaning materials available.

    Our cleaners are strictly scanned and selected, bond and insured under our company, and they are very well-trained in employing our tried and tested cleaning methods. They will competently choose the right cleaning supplies to use on each particular carpet. They will pre-treat nasty stains and hoover all floor coverings, following up with deep steam cleaning, which will thoroughly sanitise the carpets, removing dust, bacteria or any signs of ageing. A proper carpet cleaning will leave the carpets cleansed, the colours more vivid, and will brighten up the whole room, as if you bought new carpets.

    Our company offers affordable and trustworthy carpet cleaning services across Mortlake, so contact us, if you can’t afford to spend days cleaning and washing around the house. You can book easily and have us at any day of the week, including the weekends. We are fast, hard-working and we’ll leave your carpets dry, so you don’t need to worry about wet stains or damaged wooden floors.

    “I am really satisfied by the carpet cleaning service you provided and I even recommended your company to all my friends. Apparently all my fancy vacuum cleaner does is to stir up the dust. So I had to turn to professional cleaning. And I am glad I did – from now on I will rely on you and your expertise. – Vicky”

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